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Terms, abbreviations and symbols

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GPS coordinates

They represent the clearly determined place (location) of the object on the map (map layer).


It is a polygon composed of GPS coordinates, from which each structure of the object in the two-dimensional or three-dimensional space displayed on the computer monitor is created.


It represents a basic Performance Dashboard object into which I can create custom Components, owned only by the user who created it. However, we can share the Panel with other system users in the owner-selected mode of possible modifications (display or change).


The component represents a visual place for one object (graph, image, video, etc.) with freely adjustable width and height for the corresponding Panel.


Inline frames, commonly referred to as “iframes”, are the only type of “frame” allowed in HTML5. These “frames” contain a part of another website that is embedded in your website. Like a cutout. Basically, an iframe is a browser window embedded in your web page. Among the most commonly used iframes are google map and video from YouTube.

a digital entity

It represents a digital image of a mostly physical device to which data is sent. In certain cases, a digital entity can also be a tool for concentrated collection of specially structured data (eg electricity consumption by cost centers) without a physical device equivalent. However, it is an equally high-quality data source for further processing.

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