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Factory Dashboard – Right menu

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The right menu is able to cover several functions. After opening the Factory Dashboard application, it displays the Organizational Structure (regions and zones). By selecting a specific zone and on the map background, they display objects that are the sum of the conditions indicated in the left and right menus. This means that all objects that correspond to the clicked types in the left menu are displayed, but only for the zones clicked in the right menu.

When selecting (clicking on an object) a specific device (on the map background, in the device tree or in the search), the detail of the given device is displayed in the right menu.

The name of the given object in the WorkSys system is displayed next to the icon of the selected object. And under the name, the object type is displayed in smaller letters. These two pieces of information are very important when creating charts. With the name of the object, we determine which object we want to graphically visualize, and thanks to the object type, the system recognizes a list of attributes whose values can be visualized.

The buttons in the upper part of the window are used for navigation within the right menu. Their functions are as follows:

Return to the previous context.

Skip to the logically parent element in the tree structure.

Refreshing the displayed values (the last reported data from the device is loaded).

Close device detail. Return to Organizational Structure.

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