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We design Worksys for users so that the user clicks as little as possible.


Welcome to the WorkSys community…

The portal provides an opportunity to gain or share experience or best practices in the implementation and operation of the WorkSys IIoT platform bringing comprehensive enterprise digitalization. The portal is open to anyone who wants to learn more about effective digitization. All important information will be concentrated here, not only about the WorkSys product itself, but also practical demonstrations of its use and subsequent results in real implementations.

If necessary, you can share your problem or question in the Forum environment and we will try to propose a solution or give a tip for a solution that would eliminate the problem or answered the question. We will also be happy if you give us feedback with a rating or suggestions for improving the portal itself or official documents (manuals, documentation, examples from practice), which we will maintain at the highest possible quality with your help.

The portal is currently prepared for four language mutations (EN, SK, CS, DE). Slovak (SK) and English (EN) versions are available, and Czech (CS) and German (DE) versions are still being worked on. All language versions are full-featured and can have their own content. Of course, the administrators of the site will ensure that all important or interesting documents, or contributions. Even in this way, we want to ensure a quick and efficient sharing of experience and information.

English version

Slovak version

The portal contains structured, separated information with full-text search through individual types of documents, blogs or the discussion forum itself. By its nature, it serves as a multi-functional online multi-help desk and on prepared Forums it creates a space for community consultations, either for a real problem or for a discussion on a potential solution to a need or situation in the company using WorkSys.

It also contains all the necessary official documents, such as the User’s Guide, Technical Manual, Use Cases from practice, etc. The portal will also be a place where information or articles supporting the digitization process in the company will be shared.

The portal contains the following types of information:

  • Documentation
  • Use Cases from practice
  • Blog – Articles
  • Product videos
  • WorkSys Forum

To contribute to the Forum, it is necessary to register on the portal, where the only mandatory information to enter is name and email. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to visit the site.

I believe that this platform will also help to understand that digitization can also be done effectively and it does not necessarily have to cost a lot of time or money, and the effect can often be surprisingly positive.

And what to say at the end of the post? Welcome to the WorkSys community…