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WorkSys – Implementation steps

Contact us and we will call back to you (max. 48 hours)

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of WorkSys with us. We will contact you within 48 hours at the latest and after the meeting we will provide access to our “live” WorkSys Demo environment.

Discovery WorkSys (1-2 weeks)

Our system architects work with your stakeholders (or process owners) to define any customizations or special requirements. This usually happens over several online sessions. Based on the output of these meetings, we will provide you with a clear and concise proposal with a detailed scope, timeline and final price.

Implementation (2-3 weeks)

A basic version of WorkSys will be available shortly after the offer is accepted, and your team can start learning and training immediately while we work on any customizations in the background.

Go-Live (2-5 weeks)

We implement customizations, special features, builds, while training your key users on how to use WorkSys.

Post Go-Live

Once WorkSys is in production, we will continue to support your team to ensure a smooth transition. We consider ourselves a partner, not a vendor. You have a 24×7 online HelpDesk at your disposal, and WorkSys guarantees you the sustainability of the solution and with the freedom to choose the suppliers of individual parts of the technology or operational software if necessary.