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Worksys je navrhnutý pre používateľov tak, aby používateľ klikal čo najmenej.

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WorkSys – Effective and transparent implementation

One of the important factors indicating the effectiveness of the solution is the course and effectiveness of the implementation itself. The same applies to the price of the product or its part. At WorkSys, we do everything to maintain not only transparency in pricing, but also to make its deployment as fast and efficient as possible. The speed of deployment helps to set up a model of savings and increased efficiency as soon as possible, all with minimal financial investments.

Maximum openness in pricing

At WorkSys, we strive to make the pricing and sales process as transparent as possible. We publish our typical implementation and subscription fees directly on the website because we are very proud to be able to offer such a comprehensive product at an unbeatable price. Most platform vendors, including functionally simpler MES and Industrial IoT systems, don’t publish their prices because they want to be as ambiguous as possible before the vendors try to sell you products.

Our sales process is very simple because your first conversation will be with a systems architect who understands the world of manufacturing operations and processes, is an expert in the capabilities of WorkSys, and can speak directly to price and cost issues.

This is one way we keep our prices low. And that’s also thanks to the fact that we don’t use commission salespeople who don’t fully understand your needs or expectations. We’ll also tell you if we think WorkSys is not the right product for your company. We don’t want to waste your time and we certainly don’t want to try to fit a square peg into a round hole just to make a sale.

We will help you understand, experience, explain and adjust according to your wishes

After we show you a basic presentation of WorkSys through an online meeting (video meeting) and your interest remains, we will give you a free account in our DEMO environment, which is functionally the same system you would use after deployment. You’ll be able to try out the extensive functionality for yourself and test features at your own pace without being distracted by annoying salespeople. In case you would like to dive deeper into the issue, detailed documentation is provided for you to better understand so that you can test things in the detail you require. I believe that from the “live” data in the DEMO system you will understand what potential it has in the management of the company and what savings and efficiency can be achieved by reading and understanding them correctly.

When you are ready to discuss the details of how WorkSys could be implemented in your business and what needs it should solve, we are happy to provide a follow-up presentation to a larger audience and discuss the customizations you require. The bottom line is that you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with WorkSys before you make any decisions.

WorkSys Deployment Phases

There are 2 phases for each customer deployment:

  • Implementation phase
  • Subscription phase

Before the implementation phase, we will discuss what (if any) customizations and functional adjustments will be needed to better capture your process or processes or other goals. This is usually done during several online meetings with stakeholders, or during an on-site visit, and the outcome of these discussions can have an impact on the cost of implementation. Although the price varies from project to project, 80% of deployments ranged from €9,800 to €17,960.

Once we know the scope of the expected Implementation, we will provide an easy-to-understand full quote covering the scope of the Implementation (including customizations), pricing and deployment timeline. Before we start deployment, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and at what exact price.

After the approval of the price offer, we will ask you for 40% of the price for the implementation so that we can start. Only when the Implementation is completed and fully confirmed by you (the customer), will the remaining 60% of the Implementation fee be paid.

At this point, you are already using WorkSys productively and the Subscription phase begins, as well as post-launch support. We know that the transition to the new WorkSys can be difficult, but rest assured that we will be there for you whenever you need us, especially in the first few critical weeks.

Subscription is monthly to reduce implementation risk for the customer, but can also be paid annually with a slight discount. In general, the subscription fee depends on the implementation fee, so larger implementations will result in higher Subscription fees, but we would like to point out that a larger implementation also creates more room for greater savings and efficiency. A typical subscription is from €1480 to €2590 per month. This always includes permanent care of the system, including the development of new functionalities, an unlimited number of user accounts, unlimited data transactions, an unlimited number of devices implemented in WorkSys. With WorkSys, you can be sure that even with further implementation rollouts, the monthly fee will not exceed €2,590.

If you do not have sufficient personnel resources and experience to go through the implementation phase quickly enough, we are ready to provide consulting services of an experienced expert. Our experience is that during the implementation it is important that you allocate one or two experienced members of your team with whom we will work intensively. This is important so that even after implementation you have someone to develop the potential of WorkSys with.

Comparison of similar solutions

Competitor A

Implementation: 25.000€

(no customization)

License: 100.000€
User License: 500€

per user / per year

Hardware Cost: 25.000€
Customization: No
Recurring Cost
24% / year
Requires Term Contract: Yes
Time to Implement: 3 Mos
All-In First Year Cost

175.000 €

*50 Users


Logo - WorkSys.Space
Implementácia: 20.000€

(with customizations)

License: 0€
User License: 0€

bez obmedzení

Hardware Cost: 0€ (SaaS)
Customization: Yes
Recurring Cost 
17.760€ – 31.080€
Requires Term Contract: No
Time to Implement: 4-11 weeks
All-In First Year Cost

51.080 €

*Unlimited number of managed Sites, Users and Devices

Competitor B

Implementation: 40.000€

(no customization)

License: 200.000€
User License : 0 €

(one site)

Hardware Cost: 25.000€
Customization: No
Recurring Cost
22% / years
Requires Term Contract: Yes
Time to Implement: 6 Mos
All-In First Year Cost

265.000 €

*Per User License Fee Not Included for Additional Sites