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WorkSys dokazuje, že digitalizácia je jednoduchá aj pre malé a stredné firmy.

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New functions of the WorkSys.Space platform (4Q/2023)

New functions of the WorkSys.Space platform (update release 4Q/2023) We are bringing more news from the field of functionalities, which we added to the WorkSys.Space platform in the last quarter of the year thanks to your suggestions. We are getting

New features of WorkSys from 19.3.2023

New features of WorkSys from 19.3.2023 (update release 02/2023) We are bringing other news that, thanks to your suggestions, help to constantly improve the WorkSys.Space product itself in its individual parts. In this release, we continue to make improvements in

New features of WorkSys from 19.1.2023

Also in this way, we would like to inform you about the news that we bring to the WorkSys.Space platform in its individual parts. This year, we would like to bring a set of novelties that correspond to the long-term

Welcome to the WorkSys community…

Portal The portal provides an opportunity to gain or share experience or best practices in the implementation and operation of the WorkSys IIoT platform bringing comprehensive enterprise digitalization. The portal is open to anyone who wants to learn

WorkSys – Effective and transparent implementation

One of the important factors indicating the effectiveness of the solution is the course and effectiveness of the implementation itself. The same applies to the price of the product or its part. At WorkSys, we do everything to maintain not

WorkSys – Implementation steps

Contact us and we will call back to you (max. 48 hours) Contact us to schedule a demonstration of WorkSys with us. We will contact you within 48 hours at the latest and after the meeting we will provide access