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WorkSys - IIoT solution for digitalization

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How the digitalization process helps the business as a competitive advantage

Digitalization can be a great competitive advantage for businesses for many reasons. Here are some of the main ways the digitalization process can help businesses improve their performance and gain a competitive advantage:

  • Improved efficiency: A digital process typically reduces operating costs because some activities that would otherwise have to be performed by employees can be automated. This means that businesses can invest their resources in other areas, improving their efficiency and performance.
  • Better customer orientation: Digitalization provides businesses with the tools and technology to better understand their customers and their needs. This can include various methods of data collection and analysis to help understand even unspoken customer needs or prevent potential risks.
  • Improving speed and accuracy: Digitalization enables businesses to improve the speed and accuracy of their processes, enabling them to address customer needs more quickly and efficiently and improve the quality of their products or services

Digitalization is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern business world. The digitalization process allows businesses to move from traditional manual processes to automated and more efficient ways of managing their activities based on data. It helps them increase productivity, reduce costs and provide better service to their customers.

WorkSys, as a unique digitalization tool, which is able to provide software and hardware at the same time and leave you the freedom to choose business solutions for the future, will help you not only to be on time and among the first in your business field, but to be prepared there in knowing your options and the needs of the customer.

What is WorkSys good for and how does it work?

Watch a few short videos where we try to explain it

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WorkSys as a way to a Data-Driven-Factory
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Don't let yourself be vendor lock in
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Basic view of WorkSys
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Easy paperless reporting

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What do those who are already using WorkSys say about it?


WorkSys brought us a centralized view of the operation of the company and across all processes such as production, logistics, facility management. The great thing was that it was fast and we didn't have to replace any of the existing SW or HW. It just connected data to WorkSys.

John Ch.

It is excellent that we can prepare new work centers or change to existing ones in WorkSys ourselves in Factory Studio. It saves us time and, last but not least, costs. What's great about WorkSys is the fact that it doesn't limit me in powering the software that we already had before deploying WorkSys.

Peter F.
Engineering Manager

Thanks to WorkSys, we understood from the facts (measured data) how things are happening, and then it was much easier to correct them.
The savings already paid back our investment in WorkSys...

Dušan K.
Facility manager

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