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Jednoduchosť WorkSys je najvyššou sofistikovanosťou

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Home page

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The initial screen is the first thing a user sees after logging into the WorkSys system. We took great care to ensure that all graphic components are user-friendly and intuitive. We also made sure that the user does not dive deeper than 3-4 levels, so that he can mentally maintain the level of immersion he is currently in.

It is very important for us, as the authors of the solution, that the user quickly and affectively navigates hundreds to thousands of data and objects without feeling the risk of getting lost in the system. Also for this fact, we were not afraid to make revolutionary decisions aimed at a disruptive view of the functionality of the graphic interface.

In the following sections, we will describe the individual parts available to the user.

Home page

If, despite these improvements, you still feel that something could be done more efficiently, don’t hesitate to let us know (e.g. below in the comments). We believe that together we will be able to improve the product to your satisfaction.

Factory Dashboard

It represents an alternative to a digital twin, extended by the possibility of several industrial objects or areas that are geographically distant. It enables visualization of individual digital points, digital areas or digital processes on a map basis. It can be used very effectively as a facility management tool with real-time data.

Factory Studio

It represents an advanced variant of device management. It allows the user to create objects directly on the map base, sort them into logical units and place them in the shape of the logical structure of the organization. The final definitions of the devices are then assigned to individual units and at the same time to the map base.

Performance Dashboard

It represents a modern and efficient paperless reporting tool, where users can create and manage individual reports (Panels) themselves. The panels are built as self-service (without the need for programming intervention) and are personalized. Panels consist of components in which graphs, images, videos, etc. can be placed. All data is visualized in real time.

Digital Intelligence

The system allows you to functionally link your own Business Intelligence or Digital Intelligence system directly from the platform for deeper and more detailed data analysis. The most frequently interconnected systems are e.g. Qlik, Power BI, Tableau and more. It is also possible to share their visual data interpretations (widgets) in the Performance Dashboard system.

Ecosystem Store

It concentrates and catalogs proven solutions in practice and offers customers the first alternative when looking for the appropriate functional part to cover the need for digitization of the given part. It is possible that you will find more possible alternatives there to solve your need. Of course, the WorkSys system allows you to integrate solutions other than those listed, including those you already have installed.

Log & Events

This part of the platform concentrates all important system reports and incidents, including notification reports. This gives you an absolute overview of everything that is happening in your tenant and whether everything is going according to your expectations.

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