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S WorkSys neexistuje žiadne riziko dodávateľského zamknutia.

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Performance Dashboard – Graphical elements on the top bar

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Performance Dashboard offers users the opportunity to create their own Dashboards, which can be shared with other users if needed. Panels represent a system of user-arranged graphic components (widgets). Size, location as well as content is completely in the hands of the user without the need for any knowledge of programming reports or graphs.

It is a basic analytical interface that is used to create graphs and statistics for the analysis of data collected from devices. the number of panels as well as their content is not limited by anything. Individual panels can also be linked to the KPI interface in Factory Dashboard.

The top bar represents a place where the user always has all important functions available via individual buttons.
Display the top bar

List of graphic components on the bar

Quick module selection

This section allows you to quickly switch the module without having to use the Platform Home screen.

Language selection for the web graphical interface

By clicking on the given icon, you can smoothly switch the communication language without the need to log out of the system. Among the basic installed languages are (Slovak, Czech, English, German). If necessary, the supplier can add another necessary language.


By clicking on the given icon, a list of entered alarms will be displayed. It is also the way to enter new alarms. The goal is a feature where the platform guards the data limit values from digital objects you specified, regardless of the place of their creation.

Online Support (HelpDesk)

By clicking on the given icon, the option to start online support (Helpdesk) or to switch to online documentation will appear.

User profile

By clicking, the option to change the previously used password via Settings or to correctly log out of the WorkSys platform (Logout) will appear.

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