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Structure and types of entries in the log

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Logs & Events is used to collect notifications from the platform and devices. The data are sorted in the timeline as they were created and in the list they are sorted from the newest information to the oldest. The displayed information can be filtered by date (range from/to) and it is also possible to search for text in the logos.

Data structure


The date of creation of the record


It represents the level of significance of the information. The system works with the following types of reports:

  • Debug
  • Info
  • Notice
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Alert
  • Emergency
  • Critical


Identifier of notification processing status – new, seen, and done values.


The origin of the notification – after clicking on it, a window with details about the sender and other technical information that helps to understand the source of the cause will appear in the right menu.


The text of the message or notification itself

Message data

Expanding report data – parameters and other technical information.

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