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With WorkSys, there is no risk of vendor lock in.

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Advantages and principles of the WorkSys platform

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WorkSys is an open platform integrating multiple applications that make up a smart city / factory / factory.

The WorkSys IoT platform brings many interesting advantages and implementation speed and efficiency, which helps companies in the implementation of digitization processes. The platform is horizontally scalable and is built using “open-source” technologies for greater security transparency.

Geographical clustering and high availability can also be ensured. Its really strong advantage is its robustness and high efficiency. This means that each single node can process and manage tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of devices.

The platform communicates with the user via a web interface, making it widely available for most devices. It can very efficiently process and manage behavior rules based on data, regardless of the origin or origin of the data.

Description of system architecture layers (from EDGE to Cloud)

The WorkSys system can cover all layers of the IT architecture. Thanks to the efficient and scalable EDGE layer, it can combine technologies such as software in efficiently concentrated locations and homogenize and streamline data transport to the cloud layer.

The EDGE layer is usually installed in the production or logistics part of the company and at the same time creates a place for temporary data backup in case of loss of connectivity to the cloud layer. Data transfer to the cloud layer mostly bypasses the “regular” Internet and thanks to IPSec tunnels, it is completely secure, without the possibility of “capturing” data during transfer. The security of the WorkSys system is one of its dominant advantages.

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