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Factory Dashboard – Left menu

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The left menu, or the tree of device types, serves as a graphically controlled filter of devices displayed on the map background. In the highest level (collapsed list) the device categories are shown. Expanding the category will display below the category and then specific device applications (for example, Lighting). For each item in the list, there is a box for activating the given filter. Activating/deactivating a higher-level item simultaneously activates/deactivates all its nested items.

In the upper part of the menu there are switches that filter the list of categories:

Show empty – if the switch is on, items that do not have any digital objects assigned to them (points or polygons on the map) are also displayed in the left menu.

Show virtual – if the object in the Status field has the value virtual and the switch is on, then the point is visualized on the map background.

Only selected – if the switch is on, only tree items that the user has clicked on until then are displayed. It is used to simplify the structure of the left menu items.

The current state of the filter directly affects the display of devices on the map. If no device category is active, then no device is displayed on the map. The filter settings on the left menu are also dynamically transferred to the filter settings within the Filter window.

When you expand the list of categories to the lowest level, there is an eye icon for each item. After clicking it, the setting of the conditional coloring of the given type of device will be displayed according to the value of the selected attribute (for example, the state of the device or the brightness of the lamp). Conditional coloring enables a quick visual inspection of the status of devices based on the value of the device parameters. The attributes of devices that support conditional coloring are defined by the definition of the device type and can be modified according to the customer’s needs in cooperation with the implementation partner.

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