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Factory Studio – Zones

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A sequence of steps to establish a zone or multiple zones in a different logical structure in the selected region. Zones are objects inferior to the region in the digitized area. The boundaries of the zone can be clicked out as a polygon (connected GPS coordinates) and subsequently changed at will and at any time.

When establishing zones, it is very important to realize that I am actually creating an organizational structure under the selected region. The organizational structure will serve us as a guide in the right menu with the option of selecting the display. At the same time, the zone serves as a place where it is possible to assign a device or other digital entities.

Step No.1

A zone can be created with the “+” icon either at the level below the region or below an already existing zone.

Creation of a zone under the created region.

Create a polygon by clicking individual points on the map base. The polygon is closed automatically with the last click on the first created point of the zone on the map. Then you write the name of the zone and choose its color.

The Level field represents the number of the floor at which the given zone will be displayed. In the case of multi-story objects, it is possible to distinguish a different floor plan of the zones or the shape of the object itself through the Level field.

Warning: If the value is not filled in, the given zone will be displayed on the map background in the Factory Dashboard, regardless of the selected floor level.

Step No.2

To create a subordinate zone to an already existing zone, the (+) icon is used next to the name of the already existing zone.

Step No.3

To create a subordinate zone to an already existing zone, the (+) icon is used next to the name of the already existing zone. the next procedure is the same as Step No.1.

In this way, it is possible to create an arbitrarily deep and wide structure, which will become an excellent guide for further processing of data from assigned devices (creating totals, averages, determining maximum or minimum values, etc.) for any zone and all its subordinates. This significantly speeds up the creation of graphs or their graphic outputs in the KPI section of the Factory Dashboard or the Performance Dashboard.

If you need to move or change the zone, you can use the pencil icon to change the polygon. Subsequently, the relevant zone is identified with a dashed line, and by repeatedly clicking the identified object with the left mouse button, the polygon becomes editable. This fact is visually identified by the fact that the individual GPS points of the polygon turn into white circles, which can be manipulated as when setting up an object.

If it is necessary to delete the zone, it is necessary to press the delete button. The system will ask for confirmation for security.

Warning: In case of zone deletion, all subordinate zones and devices are automatically deleted!

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