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Factory Dashboard – Map Layer

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The map background is used for a basic and clear visualization of the localization of regions, zones and individual facilities. The position of the element is defined by placing it on the map base (using GPS coordinates). It is possible to enter a position as a polygon (typically regions and zones) or as a single point (typically a device). However, it is also possible to enter the device itself as a polygon (area on the map). If the device is a location on the map as a point, it is displayed with its specific icon, which is defined within the device type (entity type). The icon cannot be changed by the user, but the user can specify the color of the icon (fill color) when creating the device. The list of icons is dynamically expanding and is therefore not part of this document.

The display of elements on the map base is conditioned by filters:

  • region and zone filter (Right menu)
  • device type filter (Left menu)
  • combined filter (Top bar – Filter)
  • filter for conditional coloring

By activating/deactivating individual filters, the current display of elements on the map is dynamically adjusted. Using the buttons (+ / –) or using the wheel on the mouse, the map background can be zoomed in and out. By holding down the CTRL key and the left mouse button at the same time, it is possible to change the tilt of the map view by dragging the map background. This function can also be performed by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time and dragging up or down. down.

By clicking on a specific element on the map (region, zone, classification) its detail will be displayed in the right menu and at the same time the icon of the selected device will start to move.

If the map zoom setting causes the icons to overlap (the icons do not change their size when the zoom is changed), a grouping of devices (the so-called cluster) will be created. By clicking on the group icon, a window will appear with a list of devices inside the group.

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