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Performance Dashboard – Creating a component of type Image

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Insert an image visible from the WEB

The Image component can be used if I need to visualize an image file type available on the Internet. To visualize it, just insert a link to the corresponding image in the URL field (e.g. )

Insert your own image

In the case of your own image, you must first ensure that it is visible on the web. Of course, it is possible to use several options to place an image on the web, but we will give an example of how to do it with the help of Google Drive, which is available to every user.

The first step is to save the selected image to your google drive. Then, stand on the given image that you want to get to the platform and press the right mouse button and select the Get link option.

Copy the name of the given image, which is located in the area marked on the image.

Then enable who will be able to see the given image on the option.
Anyone with the link

Paste the copied text into the URL field. Then After pressing the Save component button, the component is created and appears on Board.

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