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Performance Dashboard – Creating an iframe component

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When creating an Iframe type component, you need to enter the URL link of the page or part of it, from where the given part of the website is to be loaded.

We can show it on YouTube content just as well.

Step No.1

You can share the same on YouTube and with the video, select the option Share which you want to use.

Step No.2

After opening the Share option, select the first Embed window shown in the image below.

Step No.3

After selecting it, a window will open with a text similar to the one below, from which you must copy the part of the youtube page that is in quotation marks

You can also get the mentioned code by pressing the right mouse button according to the following image directly from the running YouTube video.

Step No.4

Then you insert the given page into the URL field for the iframe type and save the component.

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