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Factory Studio – Regions

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The procedure of steps to establish a region, as the outer border of the digitized area. The boundaries can be clicked out as a polygon (joined GPS coordinates) and changed at will.

Step No.1

When establishing the first region, the system offers the possibility to find it on the map by name or address.

When filling in additional regions, the same search option as for the first region will be offered on the screen after pressing the Start button. In this way, it is possible to create several regions at the same time, even with the correct geographical location.

Step No.2

Enter the city and address of the part you are looking for in the search field.

Step No.3

Create a polygon by clicking individual points on the map base. The polygon is closed automatically with the last click on the first created point of the region on the map.

Step No.4

Press the Create button and fill in the Region Name and select the color of the region. The system also automatically calculates the estimated area of the region.

Step No.5

After filling in all the necessary data, press the Save & Select button and the system will automatically switch you to the Zones section.

If you need to move or change the region, you can use the polygon change icon (the first icon in the row of buttons).

If it is necessary to delete the region, it is necessary to press the delete button (middle icon in the row of buttons). The system will ask for confirmation for security.

Warning: In case of region deletion, all subordinate zones and devices are automatically deleted!

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