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Performance Dashboard – Board

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The Board creates the possibility to create your own group of Components that serve to visualize measured, calculated or otherwise obtained data.

The Board for a better understanding of the internal content allows you to record the following fields and information.

List and meaning of individual fields


In the name field, it is possible to insert the desired name of the Board created by us. It can also be saved in multiple languages by switching the appropriate language button.


In the Groups field, it is possible to insert (click out) a list of menu parts for which the display of the created Board is relevant.


Allows you to add descriptive information to better illustrate the content of the Board. This field is optional. Likewise, this information can be maintained in several languages by clicking and switching to the appropriate language field.

After pressing the Save Board creation button, a new panel will appear on which all the entered information can be found.

If necessary, it is possible to change or delete the given Board via the icon (…) at the top right for the created Panel.

Through the Edit mode, it is possible to add to the list of individual existing users in the WorkSys system and to set them a form of access to the internal components of the Board. Other than the owner of the Board does not have the possibility to change the access settings to it.

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