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Factory Studio – Devices (Device Management)

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The last, but not least, part of Factory Studio is the device management part.

Each Device can be assigned to a Region, Zone or even to an existing device.

The procedure for setting up a new device is very simple. However, it is very beneficial to realize that devices (or other data input objects represented by a device) are the source of the data that will be subsequently processed.

When setting up the zones, we made sure that the organizational structure was created correctly, and now we should make sure that the device assignments are in the right zone and at the right level, so that they then easily provide the right data for the graphs.

Step No.1

Click on the Devices icon to switch to Device management

Switch from zone management to device management

Step No.2

Click in the right part of the organizational level (on the corresponding zone) to set the connection point of the newly created device. To verify the connection location, its name can also be found in the Place device into in the upper right corner of the map background.

Step No.3

By clicking on the left part of the menu with device areas (on the relevant device area), individual devices will be expanded. By selecting them, you can place the relevant device on the map background. The establishment can be created as:

  • Polygon – if the facility is spatially significant, e.g. a line or a large machine, where a simple point on the map base would not adequately capture its essence
  • Point – A point will appear on the map (teardrop shape with a device icon)
  • Without position – this selection is used if we place another device under the existing one and the subordinate device has the same map position as the device under which we assign it

Step No.4


After selecting the location, the fields for filling in for the new device will appear in the right part of the menu.

By clicking on the Create TB name click field, you will create a unique device identifier (usually a number), which, after saving by pressing the Save button, will be automatically generated in the TB name field, which is not yet visible when the Device is created.

It is also important that you fill in the Device Name and assign the device to the appropriate Group (also by selecting it) from the left menu structure of the Factory Dashboard.

Multiple group identifiers can be assigned to the Group field, as it is logical that some devices are used for multiple purposes. e.g. The camera can be used for security control and so it will be in the Security section, but at the same time, thanks to AI functions, it can also be used for counting products or workers, and therefore it can also be assigned to the Production Monitoring group.

Step No.5

After saving a device, the corresponding device also appears in the right logical or organizational structure.

In case you need to change or delete a device, it can be done with the corresponding icons displayed at the level of the device name (Pencil = change and Trash = delete device).

Of course, it is also possible to change the initial color of the icon, or to change the initial values of individual attributes. The values of individual attributes can be changed at any time, and the system treats the change as if the given data was obtained directly from the device. Thanks to this feature, Factory Studio can also be used for data entry.

The timestamp of the attribute value change corresponds to the date and time the given change was saved. The system selectively identifies only changed data.

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