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We design Worksys for users so that the user clicks as little as possible.

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Basic functions

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Access to the WorkSys system is possible for users through the web interface through the appearance of the relevant URL link (e.g., which was determined for you by the solution supplier. The web connection is encrypted via HTTPS. HTTPS (Secure Using Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a secure version of HTTP that uses the SSL /TLS protocol for encryption and authentication.

The HTTPS protocol allows website users to securely transmit sensitive data such as credit card numbers, banking information, and login credentials over the Internet. For this reason, HTTPS is especially important for securing online activities such as shopping, banking, and remote work. However, HTTPS is quickly becoming the standard protocol for server everything, regardless of whether they are exchanging sensitive data with users.

The actual URL of the system may differ from the above based on customer requirements. Before logging into the system, it is necessary to make sure that access to the platform has been established and set correctly (delivery of login data).

On the initial page, the user is asked to authenticate using a username and password. The system allows defining multiple users, each with different rights and authorizations. The creation and management of users is ensured by the system administrator. If you do not have access data, contact the solution supplier.

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