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Factory Dashboard – Graphical elements on the top bar

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The top bar is permanently present during the entire period of use of the Factory Dashboard part. It represents a place where all important functions are always available to the user (filters, online support, choice of platform language and others).
Display the top bar

List of graphic components on the bar

Quick module selection

This section allows you to quickly switch the module without having to use the Platform Home screen.


By pressing the KPI icon, the lower part (under the bottom bar) displays a list of created graphic KPIs depending on the area marked in the left part of the menu tree structure. Likewise, a list of Performance Dashboards relevant for selection from the left menu is displayed under the bottom bar.

The KPI (Key Performance Indicators) window serves to quickly create a graphic representation of the recorded data for their analysis over time or for comparison with other data. The KPI window is displayed by activating the corresponding icon on the top bar or the icon at the bottom of the screen (Show all).


By pressing the Filter icon, the details of all types of filters will be consolidated in a separate screen (list of marked areas in the right menu, selection of objects from the left menu as well as selected conditional coloring schemes.

Selection of maintenance mode

The drop-down menu allows you to select the maintenance mode corresponding to the selected piece of technology or software. User options are fully dependent on assigned maintenance permissions. If you do not see this component, you have not been assigned any maintenance repair.

Search window

If you know the name of the object, by typing it in the search window, it will be offered to you for clicking, thus speeding up the search for objects in systems with a larger number of digital points.

Language selection for the web graphical interface

By clicking on the given icon, you can smoothly switch the communication language without the need to log out of the system. Among the basic installed languages are (Slovak, Czech, English, German). If necessary, the supplier can add another necessary language.


By clicking on the given icon, a list of entered alarms will be displayed. It is also the way to enter new alarms. The goal is a feature where the platform guards the data limit values from digital objects you specified, regardless of the place of their creation.

Online Support (HelpDesk)

By clicking on the given icon, the option to start online support (Helpdesk) or to switch to online documentation will appear.

User profile

By clicking, the option to change the previously used password via Settings or to correctly log out of the WorkSys platform (Logout) will appear.

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