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Compressed air monitoring and consumption audit

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Goal - short description

Conduct an audit of equipment generating and using compressed air. Leaks of compressed air generate significant losses, and due to the increased demands on the compressors that produce it, not only the consumption of electricity, but also the wear and tear of the compressors themselves increases.


With rising electricity prices, compressed air monitoring is more than necessary. In today’s production processes, compressed air has become an inevitable and often energetically significant medium entering machines and production equipment. The good condition of the entire system is not only a necessity for a smooth production process, but it represents a good alternative to energy storage for larger capacity devices and thus an alternative to effective energy balancing (Compressed-air energy storage – CAES). In case of insufficient monitoring and maintenance, the system represents a significant risk for energy and subsequently financial losses.


By conducting an audit that revealed even small leaks from 1 mm to 5 mm holes, the customer decided to apply permanent monitoring of compressed air in the subsequent calculations in order to prevent larger losses in the future, or to detect them in the bud.

Loss prices were calculated from electricity prices from 12/2021

What makes the solution unique

By applying effective automatic data collection and its immediate cleaning, validation and analysis, and with a connection to the built-in early warning tool, we are able to warn in time of the approaching risk of inefficiency and economic loss.


  • Minimization of inefficiency and economic loss
  • System maintenance and monitoring that is largely overlooked
  • Operational oversight also avoids wasting time and money on taking action
  • Full system visibility could identify the real culprit without such expense

Return on Investment (ROI)


15.300 €


71.300 € / year

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