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Digital monitoring of manual production

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Goal - short description

Manual production processes are often insufficiently monitorable and are limited to the total number of outputs per shift time unit. The goal of the solution is to ensure the best possible monitoring of individual process parts of production, despite the fact that it is not possible to introduce additional automation tools into the production process.
More detailed monitoring of individual parts of the production process (e.g. operations) through all OEE parameters ensures online supervision of the status and performance of manual production, and sufficient traceability can be ensured even in the case of custom production. The quality of production can also be part of the solution.


Currently, manual production mostly operates paper records, or records based on Excel or other locally created IT tools. This represents a logical overtime for workers, and additional work is required to provide additional control, especially when the data is used as the basis for variable compensation. By simply introducing records and scanning barcodes or QR codes at each workplace, it is possible to bring savings resulting from the effective use of working time and the introduction of online production monitoring from the start of the project without the need for expensive overtime.
The application is installed in a reader with a scanner, from the point of view of data, it can very efficiently (with one scan) record the current state of the performed operation, count the manufactured pieces, evaluate the production output and record the partial performance of the worker.

What makes the solution unique

The implementation of the solution is very simple, fast and possible even without any intervention in the production equipment. It will make it possible to very effectively monitor the current status of the workplace (Andon), the worker at the given workplace, checks his qualifications for the given workplace and conveniently records the performance of the worker, the workplace, and the entire shift electronically, just by scanning a barcode or QR code. It automatically calculates the differences in the current performance of the worker at the workplace against the set standards and thus brings process engineers enough information to increase production efficiency, reduce time losses and find potential savings. It also effectively monitors all types of downtime by tracking their length and comparing them to expectations.
Of course, the solution makes it possible, immediately or later, to integrate information from other parts of production (e.g. tester, etc.).


  • An effective paperless tool for monitoring comparable to data from semi-automatic lines and for fully manual production.
  • Online tool for monitoring the status (Andon), quality and performance of production both for the worker, the workplace, and for the entire production line or more complex processes.
  • Flexibility of the solution for adaptation to current process needs or other production requirements.
  • The possibility of deployment without the need for local IT resources.
  • The possibility of deployment without the need for integration into a planning MRP or ERP system.
  • The flexibility of reports and graphs directly in the system is in the hands of the user and not the programmer.
  • Possible traceability of the product, batch, series.
  • Checking the progress status of the series.

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