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Production process monitoring and efficiency tracking (OEE)

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Goal - short description

Obtaining an overview of the current status of the production process, production resources and information on the exact status of manufactured products in real time.


The customer did not have information about the production status in real time. Subsequently, it caused him problems with loading and transport planning. The customer’s request was to monitor the production process and track efficiency in real time.
The most suitable method for monitoring the production process and tracking efficiency was found to be using the testers that the customer used during the output inspection. These were connected to a logical unit (WS EDGE) that recorded individual inputs and interpreted them on the platform in real time. By integrating with the ERP system and based on information from the production plan about product types and standard times, the customer immediately got the opportunity to see the reality compared to the plan.


Based on the collected data, their analysis and the obtained information, it was found that by starting the monitoring of individual workplaces and people’s performance, there is a potential to increase the performance of individual workers by approximately 20%. At the same time, there is room for improvement in the planning of loading times, because the state of production in progress is continuously evaluated. Based on measurements and outputs from the system, customers were gradually set new standards for the production of individual products, which led to an increase in the amount of manufactured products during the work shift without the need to hire new workers.

What makes the solution unique

WorkSys as a good example of a platform ecosystem with an excellent and clear graphical interface that includes modeling, planning, analytics, digital intelligence, business performance as well as other important tools in one user-friendly option.


  • increasing the performance of individual workers by approximately 20%
  • increasing the amount of manufactured products during a work shift without the need to hire new workers
  • identification of weak points of the production process
  • the possibility of connecting OEE measurement with other process solutions and technologies and connecting to create new value

Return on Investment (ROI)


4.780 €


147.600 € / year

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