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Efficiency and utilization of Forklifts – active monitoring

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Goal - short description

Obtaining an overview of the current state of utilization of VzV and deciding on the need to purchase new handling equipment. The generalization of this question is always one of the basic ones in logistics: “Do we have enough handling technology, or do we have too much of it?”.


Hidden costs are found not only in the purchase price of VzV, but also in operating or renewal costs. It is not necessary to install expensive technology at the outset, but to be able to answer the question of the use of VzV and monitor (or discover) trends of seasonality or other fluctuations in use by basic measurement of the handling technique.


Based on the measurements and recorded values, the customer found that the selected VzV were not sufficiently utilized and in a certain period did not even reach 25% utilization. These measurements allowed the customer to make a very quick and accurate decision in the event of the need to purchase new handling equipment. On the contrary, he came to the conclusion that he does not need part of his manipulation technique at all due to the low workload.

What makes the solution unique

It is not necessary to install expensive RTLS technologies to achieve the goal and thus know the real efficiency. We use technology that, in terms of price/result ratio, is unique and sufficiently attractive.


  • the distance traveled by each forklift
  • run time versus stop time
  • the ratio of loaded and unloaded time on the fork
  • the time required to complete the task
  • overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Return on Investment (ROI)


21.570 €


197.800 € / 1st year

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