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How video surveillance supports general security

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Goal - short description

Ensure the safety of the production process and the workforce in the factory using video surveillance.


Sample of the most frequently solved areas:

  • Another pair of eyes to ensure the safety of production in the factory
  • Perimetry – The solution ensures forensic usability and data quality for analytical applications and effective protection against burglary, goods leakage or industrial espionage.
  • Multi-functional cameras for the protection of colleagues – Multi-directional cameras and super high-definition cameras provide wide coverage. Video analysis of directional, virtual lines and entry/exit detection generates alerts if colleagues enter restricted, dangerous areas. Audio analytics recognize critical sounds such as explosions, screams and broken glass, enabling security personnel to respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency.
  • Smoke and Fire Detection – When you can accurately identify smoke or fire with smart video, you can respond in real time, rather than just waiting for the smoke to trigger the alarm to determine if there is a legitimate threat. Real-time response means faster response from local authorities and your employees or family members can get to safety faster.


Maximize safety with the help of intelligence behind the camera and the involvement of interoperable scenarios to support the triggering of alert actions, reporting, actions of other third-party support systems, triggering early warning systems, up to analytical evaluation with the support of machine learning models integrated into the WorkSys system.

What makes the solution unique

Video analytics behind a camera ideally installed in lighting systems that have uniform coverage in the factory and are also a communication data bus through the existing cable system. Subsequently, you can add a number of other analytics with the support of artificial intelligence, which can be from security as well as other areas of the industry – quality control of statements, logistics flows, production process elements, etc.


  • Active and autonomous safety elements
  • Prediction and not subsequent reaction to events
  • Detailed recognition of dangerous zones based on data
  • Comprehensive connection with all third-party elements in the factory

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