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Checking for correct tag pairing

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Goal - short description

Checking the correct pairing of internal, warehouse and customer labels. Monitoring is intended to prevent human error, which could cause penalties for incorrect delivery to the customer.


The customer had problems with factory, warehouse and customer labels being incorrectly matched. Due to the number of different customers and their customer labels, product labels for customers were misprinted and matched. There was no monitored check before removal, whether the customer labels actually correspond to the packaged products, which subsequently resulted in complaints and high penalties from customers.


After running the app to check for proper label pairing, the label mismatch problem was completely eliminated. The customer thus saved a considerable amount of money on complaints, extra shipping costs for the transport of incorrectly marked products as well as additional correct marking of returned products. All resulting inconsistencies due to bad matching of labels are subsequently recorded in the WorkSys platform, where the company’s management can view all incidents that could arise and subsequently also identify employees who could potentially generate errors.

What makes the solution unique

By rapidly developing the application based on the exact requirements of the customer, using available HW equipment and integration into the platform, we create for customers the convenience of collecting and concentrating all data in one clear place without the need for internal or external IT involvement.


  • A simple check ensuring the correctness of the exported delivery (potential error shown directly on the display)
  • Permanent monitoring of the process with the possibility of linking to the previous production process
  • On the Worksys system, it is possible to see individual potential errors identified by the technology for process improvement needs (by process engineers)
  • It can also be used as a tool for measuring employee performance as part of process analyzes and increasing the efficiency of logistics processes.

Return on Investment (ROI)


8.960 €


93.000 € / year

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