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Use of motion sensors for monitoring, optimization and warehouse utilization

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Goal - short description

Reducing costs and finding any savings associated with warehouse operations.


The request from the customer was to monitor the movement of people and VZV in the distribution warehouse, to optimize the movement and utilization of the warehouse. When looking for the most suitable method of monitoring movement (price / performance ratio) with the possibility of using currently available or already installed technology, it turned out to be the most appropriate to use the integration of lamps, sensors and control components into the WorkSys system for the needs of monitoring and analyzing the movement of people and VZV based on the collected data.


Based on the collected data, their analysis and the obtained information, it was found that people and VZV unnecessarily go to the most remote parts of the warehouse many times during working hours. This increases the costs of fuel, maintenance of the VZV and wastes a lot of time with unnecessary crossings, which also lengthens the time of loading and unloading goods. Based on measurements and data from the ERP system, the layout of individual product positions in the warehouse was gradually rebuilt by the customer.

What makes the solution unique

We do not use demanding and expensive RTLS technologies and possibly other, but existing and many times installed motion sensors, and thus we have brought the price/achieved result ratio to a significant and attractive level for the client.


  • repeated use of already installed motion sensors also for measuring the time and frequency of the presence of an object under the sensor
  • repeated use of measured data for monitoring workload in individual warehouse aisles
  • There is no need to immediately install RTLS solutions with a large initial investment reasonably accurate data already from existing HW (ideal price/performance ratio)

Return on Investment (ROI)


4.780 €


147.600 € / year

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