Did You Know?

WorkSys simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service is a way of operating software in which the customer uses the software as a service via the Internet. As a rule, these are business applications that are provided on the basis of a contract.

The customer does not have to buy expensive technical equipment, any software licenses and does not have to worry about servers, systems or data. The software operator provides the software as a service where this fee is the only cost of operation.

Why SaaS is advantageous

Software as a service reduces the direct and indirect costs of software, IT capacities with relevant know-how (including substitutability), equipment and software for creating and storing system and data backups, etc.

The fundamental and indisputable benefits of WorkSys as a service (SaaS) compared to a locally installed system are in two areas:

  • Economical
    • Significantly lower entry costs compared to local installation.
    • Very easy to calculate and faster return compared to local installations.
    • No unforeseen costs resulting from HW or SW failure.
    • Easy to plan and regular cost
    • No other secondary operating costs, such as electricity, operation of air conditioning units of server rooms, backup systems (which is not an insignificant item with this amount of stored data) and so on.
  • Operational
    • After purchase, you have the system set up and ready to use in a short time.
    • Its deployment in the company does not require any local IT resources or capacities.
    • Part of the operating fee (subrciption) is also ongoing improvements to the system both from the point of view of security and from the point of view of new expanding system functionalities
    • Data security is taken care of by the data center itself, which operates the servers and systems and which meets strict standards, e.g. ISO27001, IS9001, ISO14001. The security of data centers providing SaaS is many times greater than that of local on-premise solutions.