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New functions of the WorkSys.Space platform

(update release 4Q/2023)

We are bringing more news from the field of functionalities, which we added to the WorkSys.Space platform in the last quarter of the year thanks to your suggestions. We are getting more and more successful thanks to our cooperation with you, in order to constantly improve the product itself in its individual parts, so that its use is easy and intuitive, but above all so that it is more fun than work for you.

Recently, we have focused mainly on the Performance Dashboard, but we also have news for you in the Factory Dashboard and Factory studio.

However, we also brought a complete innovation in modules and prepared a new Public API Dashboard module, which will make it easier for you to send data collected on the platform to an external environment via a secure and standard API interface. Due to the complexity of the new module, we will introduce its details separately in January 2024.

Let’s gradually introduce new functionalities in individual existing modules.

New features in Factory Studio (FS)


Practice has shown that it is sometimes necessary to correct some values in the attributes of digital entities at certain time intervals. Or at certain time intervals to count the values of one or more digital entities in more complex formulas than statistical or controlling indicators.

The Scheduler is designed for exactly these tasks. Thanks to it, it is possible to schedule a one-time task or a recurring task. It supports everything from simple calculations to well-known aggregations to complex queries.

New map background (satellite maps)

If you want to see your objects differently than on the default map base, we have prepared a new layer of maps – satellite maps. We believe that it will help you realize the idea of the location of individual existing or planned objects.

Klasický mapový podklad
Satelitný mapový podklad

We also put the same map background (satellite maps) into the Factory Dashboard.

Default map background
Satellite map layer

New features in the Performance Dashboard (PD).

The Performance Dashboard, as a fast and effective analytical tool, is clearly the most used part of the system. That is also why we are constantly trying to improve it or supplement it with other pleasant functions that will save your time. Let’s imagine them.

Creating a KPI with a template

For faster KPI creation, we have created an option via a new button to create a copy of an existing KPI and modify it to your own needs. This brings additional savings in time when creating new, similar KPIs.

Table-type KPI with possible export to .xlsx and .csv

Even though we try to work in tabular reports as little as possible, because it is a less efficient and more demanding form of data understanding for the human brain, we sometimes cannot avoid the necessary data export. The upper limit of 10 thousand records/per page should be sufficient for auxiliary analysis in MS Excel.

KPI series - Choose a color for each column or line

The increasing complexity of graphs brings the need to leave the color of the visualized elements in your hands. Thus, we offer the possibility to choose the color of the graphic element according to your needs and wishes.

Already in the current period, we are preparing further news and improvements for you. At the end of the year, let me also take this opportunity to thank everyone for the cooperation so far and also on behalf of the WorkSys.Space team to wish you a beautiful, relaxing Christmas and a successful year 2024.