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Definition of digital Entities

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Individual digital points in the WorkSys system represent real-world objects. In order to capture all key properties (attributes), individual points are represented by Entity Type, which represents the given type of object.

Each type of object has its own structure that best describes its properties, which are represented by the Entity Type Attribute (e.g. Lamp).

An Entity represents a basic digital object that is visualized on the Factory Dashboard. It has two types of properties:

  • Semantic, which are entered when creating or managing a digital point (object name – HS3., position, shape, etc.)
  • Technical, which are represented by Entity Type represented by Attributes (dimm, Status of Luminaire, switch, Address of of Luminaire, Brightness of Luminaire, icon name, etc.)

The Entity type is displayed under the Entity name when viewing the entity detail on the Factory Dashboard. In the example shown above, the Entity Name is HS3. and the Entity Type is Luminaire.

In order to ensure sufficient flexibility ensuring the ability to modify the structure of the Entity, i.e. change or supplement Attributes, so the definition is saved in JSON format. What the structure of the JSON format of the Entity Type looks like is described in the following section Structure of digital entities.

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