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Jednoduchosť WorkSys je najvyššou sofistikovanosťou

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What will the portal enable me to do?

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The portal contains structured, separated information with a full full-text search engine. By its very nature, it serves as a multifunctional online helpdesk and creates a space for community consultations on the prepared Forums, either for a real problem or for discussing a potential solution to a need or situation in the company using WorkSys.
It also contains all official documents used, such as the User’s Guide, Technical Manual, Examples from practice, etc.

The portal will also be a place where information or articles supporting the digitization process in the company will be shared.

The portal contains the following types of information:

  • Documentation
  • Use Cases from practice
  • Blog – Articles
  • Product videos
  • WorkSys Forum

To contribute to the Forum, it is necessary to register on the portal, where the only mandatory requirement (this is a login name) is an email.

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