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New features of WorkSys from 19.1.2023

Also in this way, we would like to inform you about the news that we bring to the WorkSys.Space platform in its individual parts. This year, we would like to bring a set of novelties that correspond to the long-term planned development of the platform with combined customer inputs and ideas to simplify and make work in the system more efficient. Finally, even WorkSys.Space as a product carries the permanent goal of doing things better, faster and more efficiently 🙂 .

This year’s first news are improvements in the Performance Dashboard section when working with time charts.

Performace Dashboard – Creation of a KPI type component

Setting the data refresh on the chart

This icon can be used to force a manual update.

Use the Automatic refresh switch to choose whether the graphs should be automatically refreshed. Behind the switch, a number is displayed about the number of displayed points (buckets) in the graph depending on the values of the selection criteria.

In the Refresh interval field, you set the number of minutes after which the data from the graphs are automatically updated.

Text marking of individual graphs (previous "series")

On each tab, the user can set a short name for the marked part of the chart in the Label field. Until now, individual graphic parts (lines and columns) were marked only by a serial number. This field is also language dependent and can be set by the user for each language.